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Excerpts from Publications


W Magazine

"Artist as Photographer"

"(Barbara Rose)...having a background in fashion  design, training in sculpture and
has pooled these talents and turned  to photography.  She has shown in museums,
galleries, corporations and collections."
Photograph -  At the Dance


Vanity Fair

"Fine art photographer Barbara Rose is unique.  It comes from having trained at
the Fashion Institute of Technology (which explains her passion for mannequins)
at The School of Visual Arts, and finally at the International Center for Photography.
...She is a fine arts photographer known for her distinctive style"
Photograph - Heart of Stone

Art News

"Photographer with a New Twist"

"Dressed to Play"  Is it real or surreal, dressed for an evening out, yet the hand
rests on a basketball. Only the photographer, Barbara Rose knows the reality
and the symbolism of this dynamic, bizarre image"


House Beautiful

"Room Settings"
"What is a home without photographs both personal and decorative?
Barbara Rose is a fine art photographer whose works have graced the walls
of many a home on Long Island and throughout the country....She has
a unique way of seeing things that comes from being an artist.
She also works with Architects and interior designers"
Photograph - Flowerscape


Decor magazine

"Home - Office Photography"

If you want something unusual, something seen in museum or high art collection
you will want to own a photograph or two from the Art Photographer, Barbara Rose"
Photograph - "Sleeping Beauty"