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© Barbara Rose
Artist Statement:

"Instinct must be thwarted just as one prunes the branches of a tree so that it will grow better" "Henri Matisse"

Born to an artistically aware family, mother graduated from the Conservatory of Music, father, designed men's wear. She made beautiful music, he created wonderful clothes. They parent well "pruning my branches, helping me to grow" while nurturing the artist within.

Mentors "not present" influenced and shaped my unique style. Vermeer... stunning use of light, Matisse...a brilliant color palate. Michelangelo...GOD-like sculptures, Dali...dreamlike surreal images, Julia Margaret Cameron...moody portraits unconventional for her time, Man Ray...painter, printmaker, sculptor, and fashion photographer. Artists past and present inspire, help me to see my own vision.

Awareness of the mannequin as sculpture developed as I studied and worked in clay. Photographing windows while observing them, time and time again, the mannequin became my muse.

They take on a sense of drama. There is an air of mystery, fantasy, and glamour. We observe them but do not see. They appear silent until night falls. They live, they feel, and they breathe. What secrets do they share? We dare not intrude,  hrough the Looking-Glass"


Barbara Rose, was a scholarship student and graduated of the Fashion Institute of Technology, where she majored in fashion design. Later, she trained in her new medium photography, at the School of Visual Art and the International Center for Photography. Select exhibitions include the Museum of Modern Art, The Queens Museum of Art and Heckscher Museum of Art, NY.

Barbara Rose, uses traditional silver halide 35mm film, to photograph her subjects. After printing in black and white, she shifts and adds color to create dynamic compositions.